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About Magick’s In The Air

     Hello from Infamous the Fire Breathing Witch. Well, you can just call me Amanda. Growing up I have always had a fascination with magic and dragons. Okay, mostly dragons. As I grow older I am overwhelmed by the power of freedom and self love that a small spell can invoke. The power of the Earth surrounds us all and flows through our veins and exists in our souls. 

     Aside from my love of dragons and magic, I have an ever growing love of the arts. There is always some new project and art technique running away in my mind. And if I'm not thinking of art then I am dreaming up fantasy stories as go about my day. Some day I will get around to writing my favorite stories down to share with the world.

    My third love of vintage, old, antique, eccentric items has led me to the creation of this brand. Thrifting and repurposing or flipping items has become a new passion of mine. My intention of starting a side hustle of reselling thrifted items turned into so much more! Not only do i intend to rent at a few thrift or antique shops in Oregon, I am building this brand.   

     Combining my three loves, I hope to spread the joy these things have given me. I am sharing my art and my beloved creations with whoever will spare a glance with hopes that you can feel a piece of the magic too.

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