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Magick's In The Air is Local!

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Magick's in the Air is up and running in the new artist and craft shop, Halicuna Bay Mall, which is located off Commercial Street in South Salem, Oregon. I have been selling my handmade items at this shop for a few months but last week rolled out a new setup.

Here is what the shop looked like before:

And now with a nice new espresso colored cube bookshelf:

The simple design helps draw attention to the products for sale. I loved the purple shelf my dad and I put together from various thrifted finds, but must admit that it created a little more chaos in the shop than necessary.

What will you find when you stop by?

I have a small variety of items for sale in my shop currently. My favorite creations are my seashell dragons. Each are created using a variety of seashells, rocks, and other fun stones or objects. I make two size varieties, regular and then babies. I personally handmake each one and put love and careful thought into every piece that goes into making these guys. You can be sure that no matter which one you choose, they are all unique and have their own personality!

I also make a variety of spell jars which I sell here to share the magick. Self love, happiness, and luck are some of the themed jars which I have up for sale. With more to come as I experiment with different moods. These little jars are cute additions for any witch or non witch who needs that extra little reminder throughout the day to smile or take a little extra self care time. We all deserve it. :)

Being a thrifty witch, I have found myself with quite the collection of small unique frames. Adding quotes and cute paper to them really make them cute little decor items. These can also be found in my shop.

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