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Self Love Spell

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

This simple jar was handmade with an intention of love, specifically self love. I enjoy keeping these bottles around my place, in areas like my altar and near my bed. Anytime I am feeling down or self doubt I look at or reach for one of these. The smell of the wax infiltrates my senses and calms my mind.

They are created with a variety of items that invoke the feeling of love. Pink salt, Dried flowers which I had previously purchased as a gift for myself to enjoy. (Self love win!) Cinnamon, Rosemary, are common spices and herbs for love spells. Stones such as rose quartz were also used to add some magic to these jars. Finally, essential oils like lavender were added.

During the making of these jars I burn incense, light a candle, and get in the mindset of peace and love. I either listen to music that I love or talk to my partner as I work and share my thoughts. The jars are cleansed with incense before adding the ingredients. They are topped of at the end with wax from the burning candle and finally adorned with pink salt or small stones such as the rose quartz.

Where to purchase

Until my online store is official and active, these jars can only be bought locally at the Halicuna Bay Mall in Salem, Oregon. If you are interested in purchasing one and are not local, please send an email and I will be sure to contact you when they are available for purchase on site.

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